Customer Testimonials

"I went a couple weeks ago and I thought ti was great! Buffalo Bleu chicken wings were AWESOME! Fries were crispy! the owners are very friendly and inviting. I will be back real soon!"

April Lee

"Awesome wings! Great service! And quick! I ordered 50 wings and I didn't have to wait long."

Jay Bekki Downard

"AMAZING!!!! Love, Love, Love the food here!! We're going to enjoy Lily's for dinner tonight!!"

Aniceto Ochoa

"Just happened upon the food truck out on Division and tried the Teriyaki wings! Great value and taste and they set us up with a free sample of the loaded fries, Yum!"

Sarah Stewart

"Best wings & sauces!! No more Buffalo Wild Wings!"

Thi Nguyen Meyer

"I stopped in this past weekend with my girlfriend. The wings were amazing and the staff quite friendly. We will definitely be back for more. Highly Recommended!"

Jeramiha Potter

"Look out Buffalo Wild Wings. There's a new Wing in town!"

Cathy Chaika

"Amazing keep it up guys! Those are real wings will for sure be back"

Zak Townsend

"Fabulous sauces and friendly people. One of my favorite food joints in town"

LeaAnn Doering

"I love thier wings and sauces the wings are much bigger so you feel like you are eating some thing"

Sharon Weisman

"Great wings and terrific service. Any wing fan would love this place."

Nick Doering

"Seriously love this place OMG!!!!! IM CRAZY FOR LILYS WINGS!!!"

Julia Lewis

"Great Customer Service! Im impressed with the Big Screen that they have!"

Thomas James Bergeron